Something old, something new, something Bauhaus picked for you…

We’ve loved seeing so many of our 20th Century pieces blended with modern design in different projects and settings. So much in fact, that to complement our mid-century range, we will now also be stocking products from some of our favourite modern designers.

Introducing the first of these handpicked contemporary brands, MAR-DEN is excited to be stocking designer handcrafted textiles by White Pomegranate.

4 Bauhaus Stripe collection shot 150dpi-2

White Pomegranate strives to nurture the vanishing ancient techniques of Indian textiles using traditional manual methods, fused with contemporary design.

Their aim is a timeless functional style in interior fabrics, with a strong sense of geometry. This approach is a scientific one, juxtaposing shapes from daily life and nature, which are drawn and redrawn until they form a sense of accord.

screenprinting_process_2_2373118c-8a57-4b89-90dd-7c3ac608fd09_2048x2048 (2)

Working with and supporting second-generation printers and craftsmen in villages across India, all textiles are entirely hand-produced. The complex process, from start to finish, is one of constant change and experimentation and all designs are subject to stringent quality checks before they are incorporated into the brand.

Harmeet Kaur Ghumman, founder White Pomegranate

We’ve met company founder, Harmeet Kaur Ghumman (know simply to us as ‘Dimple’), numerous times over the past year. As well as being a dangerously lovely person, we love her binding of clean modernism with ancient earthy techniques and the strong philosophy which underpins her work. We’ve specifically chosen to feature her splendid Bauhaus range on our website because, well, we adore them (and as you can imagine, we slightly obsessed with the ‘big B’) . Watch this space for more of our favourite modern makers very soon…










Shedding some light on Czech Design…

Recently, we stumbled upon a whole new world of beautiful design whilst on a exploratory trip in our new (MAR)van. What we found was unexpected, but what we know, is that we love it. I’m talking about the under-celebrated realm of Czech lighting design and specifically the designs of  the 1950s-60s.

‘Lights are delicate statues with a luminous function’.

Czechoslovak industrial and interior design of the 1950’s had an advantage over other industries of the time because it was not forced to conform strictly to the period’s socialist realism and historicism in such areas as the fine arts. In the field of lighting design, Czech designers tended toward the style of international modernism, which had dominated throughout the architecture and design of almost the entire civilized world. Thus, lamps became one of the few possible materializations of modernist ideas, which had been fully repressed for some time in the field of fine arts.

Have a gawp at these beauties, some of which can be found in our shop

Pics courtesy of Okolo.

Josef Hurka table lamp, 1963. Photo courtesy of Okolo

Josef Hurka table lamp, 1963. Photo courtesy of Okolo

Screen shot 2014-02-06 at 16.16.06 Screen shot 2014-02-06 at 16.14.39
Screen shot 2014-02-06 at 16.15.43

Table or wall light. Design by Helena Fratnova, 1953

Screen shot 2014-02-06 at 16.15.20


A Growing Obsession with Uruguay

This is the Casa Zinc at Punta del Este, Uruguay. The only thing I don’t like is that it’s so far away…



Erno Goldfinger's London

Because we’re taking part in the Modern Shows event at Haggerston School on Sunday 13th October, we thought we’d give you a snapshot from the portfolio of Hungarian-born modernist architect, Erno Goldfinger. You wouldn’t necessarily know if we didn’t tell you!

Haggerston School, built 1965

Goldfinger and his wife Ursula lived at number 2 Willow Road, Hampstead. Erno built all three houses completed in 1939.

Goldfinger’s House at 1-3 Willow Road, Hampstead

And of course, the building that everyone knows and Goldfinger’s solution to housing shortages in London, Trellick Tower:

Trellick Tower, Golbourne Road



1st – 30th JUNE 2013                                                                                              

MAR-DEN have opened a pop-up shop in Berlin!


For one month only you will be able to browse and buy from a carefully selected list of vintage furniture sourced by MAR-DEN on the ground in Berlin. The stock is stored in our temporary live/work space in Kreuzberg. Everything for sale here can be found on the BERLIN SHOP page, and newly uploaded items will be listed on our LATEST IN page, stamped with a Berlin label.

THE SHOP WILL CLOSE ON 30th JUNE so make sure you order before then! For SHIPPING & DELIVERY from our Berlin shop see below or click here.


MAR-DEN BERLIN_1940s chairs_vintage light


We will charge £30 – £50 (exact cost depends on size) to ship an item from Berlin to a London address within the M25. Unless otherwise arranged, any items bought from the Berlin shop will be shipped back to London at the end of June.

For immediate, multiple, international and shipping within the UK, but outside of London please contact us directly for a separate quote.


MAR-DEN BERLIN czech 70s tiled tables_art deco light

MAR-DEN BERLIN knut hesterberg table_70s lights

MAR-DEN BERLIN 1970s lights_1950s bedside tables


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Uruguayan Paradise

This caught my eye today: a beautiful modern cube house with impeccable interior, designed by Argentine architect Guillermo Gil and perched on the edge of a turquoise Uruguayan lake.

Paul Tuttle and the Rocker “Nonna”

Somewhat hidden in the gargantuan library of mid-century design is Paul Tuttle, an American modernist from Springfield, Missouri. His name may not loom as large as the likes of Eames, but it should!

Tuttle earned his acclaim for his furniture designs in sculpted wood and stainless steel, both modern and elegant. His background in Architecture at Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin West was an obvious influence in his geometric designs, particularly prevalent in the  1972 ‘Nonna’ Rocker.

We have been hoping we’d come across one of these to put on the shelves of MAR-DEN, and guess what, we have found one! The bentwood arms needed a bit of TLC, but thanks to MAR-DEN friend Katie Keat ( it has been restored to true glory (with a bit of help from an eager to learn Charlie). Click on image below to link to our website.

Paul Tuttle "Nonna" Rocker

“Nonna” Rocker by Paul Tuttle

Inspired by the Thonet bentwood rocking chair of the 1880’s, Tuttle’s version transfers the rocker to the tubular metal, while the bentwood arms never touch the ground. The rolling shape of the chrome and the comparative angle of the wooden arms gives the chair a feeling of forward motion. AND it’s comfortable to boot – form and function!

Some other Tuttle designs:

We like: D*HAUS

Check out this table designed by experimental design company D*Haus. The concept pays homage to Henry Ernest Dudeney, the mathematician who worked out how a perfect square can evolve into an equilateral triangle:


They have also designed a prototype of a house that moves in the same way as the table, along a set of giant rails. The idea is that the house folds in on itself in the harsh Scandanavian winters and opens up in the summer:


More D*Art from D*Haus:




I wish I was in Palm Springs

M  O  D  E  R  N  I  S  M   W  E  E  K   –   P  A  L  M   S  P  R  I  N  G  S

Modernism Week begins in Palm Springs today, an 11 day event that celebrates mid-century design, architecture and culture. We desperately want to be there.

Since the 1920’s, Palm Springs has been a centre for visionary modernist architects designing sleek, modern homes which embrace the desert environment. The dramatic geographic surroundings of the Coachella Valley inspired a design aesthetic of the mid-20th Century known as Desert Modernism.

Glass, clean lines and indoor/outdoor spaces is the style, Desert Modernism evoked a lifestyle of simple elegance and informality, influenced by the dictates of desert living and the intense climate.

By the late 1930’s the Village of Palm Springs had become world-famous as a winter playground for Hollywood stars like Frank Sinatra, Marlene Dietrich, Bob Hope, Loretta Young.

Oggle at these, then close your eyes and pretend you’re there. Sit next to a radiator if it helps.

Ace Hotel, Palm Springs

Indoor/Outdoor living.



MAR-DEN at home with Hemsley & Hemsley

Not only do Hemsley & Hemsley buy bits from MAR-DEN and photograph them beautifully (below), they have also created an irresistible blog on The Art of Eating Well