Safehouse 1 & Safehouse 2

The people behind The Caroline Gardens Chapel in Peckham, Asylum London, have got their hands on a couple of victorian houses on the Copeland Industrial Estate behind Peckham Rye. Formerly The Peckham Hotel, Asylum are in the process of converting both houses into location studios. Emerging from the dust, damp and rubble are two fantastic spaces in all their crumbling splendour.

To help promote the spaces, called SAFEHOUSE 1 & SAFEHOUSE 2, MAR-DEN lent them some bits and pieces. Here are some unofficial snaps:

Safehouse 1 & Safehouse 2

Safehouse 1 & Safehouse 2

Bauhaus Stool, Safehouse 1

Bauhaus Stool, Safehouse 1

1930s Chrome Armchairs and Italian Floor Lamp, Safehouse 2

1930s Chrome Armchairs, Safehouse 2


Bauhaus Stool and West German Vases, Safehouse 1

Bauhaus Stool and West German Vases, Safehouse 1

1930s Cox Desk, 1950s Italian chair and 1950s Conran Maclamp. Safehouse 1

1930s Cox Desk, 1950s Italian chair and 1950s Conran Maclamp. Safehouse 1

Asylum is an arts organisation based in Caroline Gardens Chapel in Peckham, London. It was founded in 2010 and is directed by artists Jo Dennis and Dido Hallett. Asylum uses the chapel as a project and exhibition space, hires it out for events and as a location for film and photography.

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This December, we are putting on an event at the Chapel called SUNDAY @ ASYLUM, a Christmas Market with pop-up cafe and bar, furniture, fashion, live music and some local artists. Come and join us, it’ll be fun!

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Some colour for warmth…

 Hans Hoffman - The Gate

Hans Hoffman - Indian Summer


Today we like…

James Leonard master’s desk and chair

James Leonard worked as a designer for Esavian, an aircraft hanger door manufacturer, in the 1940s. This desk and chair were made from surplus wartime aircraft cast aluminium, a modernist method of furniture manufacture in post-war Britain.

Magneto floor lamp

A lovely Dutch design from 1954 by H.Fillekes viagra free trial coupon for Artiforte, with a beautiful counterweight mechanism where the balance arm is fixed to the tripod by a ball and socket magnet (hence the name).


Ray the Studio Cat

This is Ray (full name Ray Mears):

Ray Mears, Portrait


After the launch

We’ve been live for 3 whole days now, testing, tweaking and micro-tuning the website til it runs like a well-oiled machine, or at least one that should pass its first MOT. We’re uploading pieces all the time, so keep your eye on the LATEST IN page.

I just wanted to issue a quick thank you to everyone who has helped us get this thing off the ground; photographers, web designers, web developers, graphic designers and more – you all have great and admirable skills.

One of the ideas behind this blog is to provide a space where we can delve into the bits that grab us in the design world, and relate them to the furniture and objects that you will see on our website. The twentieth century houses much to be celebrated.

First up, Franco Albini, a neo-rationalist designer and architect prominent in the 1930s. We stumbled upon two of his icon designs: a rattan scoop chair and coffee table.

Some more of Franco Albini and his work:

Franco Albini, Apartment (Milan, 1940)


Franco Albini, Apartment (Milan, 1940)

Above left, Franco Albini’s “Voliero” bookcase designed in 1940. With two brass-tipped masts of tapering wood that rest on one point, and shelves that float under hangers of thin steel rods, it seemingly defies gravity. In July 1941, the Veliero appeared on the front cover of Domus, celebrated as a feat of experimental engineering, and it went on to influence the Skylon and Millennium Dome. But it was never put into production and the prototype was seen only by visitors to Albini’s house.

The 1959 Tre Pezzi chair, inspired by the bergère`. For Carlo Poggi, Pavia, now reissued by Cassina.

Through his creations Albini merged modern furniture design with Italian traditional artisanship and new forms of modernism. In his creations, he used raw, inexpensive materials and demonstrated his mastery of engineering and design, creating elegant designs based on a minimalist aesthetic.

What a guy!

How to treat anxiety and make sure it will not bother you an…

MAR-DEN in the making

MAR-DEN in the making

Launch date: 12/12/12

Mood in the office: Determined and disorientated.

Weather: colder than usual, but not the end of the world like 12/12/12 is considered by some apocalyptic enthusiasts.

So we have arrived, our stall is set on the World Wide Web and we couldn’t be more excited. I’m not sure there is any real significance in the date, but if we were to read into, what could we see….(in summary)

The number 12 means:


Higher consciousness

Favourable and positive effects, and can aid in achieving their goals and aspirations

The 12 Day person loves anything to do with home décor, and arts and crafts

The stars (and numerology) seem to have done the leg work for us…so I suppose that allows us more time to write nonsense blogs for nobody to read. Good.

Here’s our storyboard so far: BRANDING

Planning the shoot

Ania Wawrzkowicz shot our cover photos in her studio in Hackney.

The choice